Artsplay Music

Hi Parents and Carers

“How to have musical fun with your child” – session for parents and carers of 0-4 year olds.

Please join us for and informal session, information and discussion on how to sing songs, move, play instruments and make music at home with your baby and/or young child. 

By request from parents, this session will be held online (via Zoom) from 8pm this Monday night, 13th June. (Possibly while your child sleeps, but please join in even if your little one is on your lap.)

Here is what the session will include.

 Monday 13th June from 8-9pm

Why sharing music is great for your child and you.

How you don’t have to have a great voice to sing, and you don’t need to play an instrument.

How to:

play home made instruments 

sing songs  

move to music with your child, 

use music in every day activities at home.

Share your great musical ideas with other parents and carers.

Here is the link for you to join the meeting. 

Just click on the link below to join.

Join any time from 7.30pm to make sure it’s all working for you.

This session is free. 

It may be recorded for training purposes.

If you have any questions please email 

So, set your alarm for just before 7.50pm on Monday,  and we’ll look forward to seeing you to share some musical ideas for you and your child.

Best wishes / le gach deagh dhùrachd,

The Artsplay Highland Team

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